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“Education for all and Quality education at affordable cost.”.


“To bring out the best in each and every student and motivate them to carve their path in contemporary society emboldened with knowledge and skill, keeping morality and ethics as underlying forces”


Physics department has established in the year 1982 with an U G Course – B. Sc. (PCM, PME & PMCs). There are four faculty members in the physics department. It consists of two laboratories with dark room, staff room and store room. It has Computer and Internet facilities for staff & students. Every year, nearly 6 to 8 students are joining M.Sc. in Physics at various Universities on merit basis.

The department has organized several workshops, seminars, competitions, the faculty of the department consistently encourages the students to participate in sports, NSS, NCC and other extracurricular activities.

The department adopted and made use of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching techniques effectively.  There is academic flexibility in vertical growth of students’ community to join for higher educations in reputed institutions.

About HOD

Prof.Y. C. Gangadharaih

Qualification: M.Sc. in Physics.   Pursuing Ph.D.
Experience:  33 years
BOE member and Question Paper Setter
Attended National level workshops and seminars.


Prof.Y. C. Gangadharaih M.Sc.,M.Phil.,

HOD & Associate Professor
Mobile : +91 8197662749
Email :

Prof.K.S. Nagaraju M.Sc.,

 Associate Professor
Mobile : +91 9342530138

Dr. Vasu M.Sc PhD.,

 Associate Professor
Mobile : +91 9901079879

Prof. Badrinath. C.G. M.Sc.,

 Assistant Professor
Mobile : +91 9620320309

Prof.C.S. Chandini M.Sc.,

 Assistant Professor
Mobile : +91 9620320309


  • Ensuring academic excellence and at the same time understanding the subject and appreciating the beauty of science.
  • To ignite scientific temperaments and motivate them to go for higher education and excel in the chosen field in science academia.
  • To achieve their goals without compromising on values and by being a law abiding citizen.
  • To carry the torch of science education further.


  • Determination of heavy metal contamination in commercially available Turmeric powder in Bengaluru.
  • Pollution due to automobile vehicle service stations of Bangaluru environment especially water bodies.


  • To establish research centre for commerce as majority of the teachers are doctorates so all so guiding research works in other universities
  • To introduce certificate courses in ERP solutions, taxation sales management etc.
  • Training centre for professional courses such as CA, ICWA, ACS etc.


  • To prepare the students for various competitive examinations like KAS, IAS, IRS, IPS. CA, ACS, and ICMA, etc.,
  • To create more awareness for students in research area.
  • The majority of the students are from rural background. So, it is a big challenge for the faculty to create.


  • Upgrading the department with research facilities.
  • To Organize UGC sponsored seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • To Strengthen Institution-Industry interface for the projects and job-oriented benefits of the students.


VIM’s prepares its students to become experts in subject matter by building in them versatile skill-sets required in management and leadership.,
VIM’s prepares its students to become experts in subject matter by building in them versatile skill-sets required in management and leadership.


VIM’s prepares its students to become experts in subject matter by building in them versatile skill-sets required in management and leadership.,

Departmental Activities

  • Seminar on “Greenhouse effect and global warming on 21/12/2012 for the staff and students under JES funds.
  • Two days workshop on “Frontiers of science” on 03/09/2012 and 04/09/2012 for the faculty and students of different colleges, Bangalore university under JES and Indian Academies of Science.
  • Seminar on Nano devices in celebration of national science day on 28/02/2015 under JES funds.
  • Seminar on International year of light on 30/12/2015 for faculty and students under JES funds.
  • Workshop on “B.Sc. syllabus- revision (CBCS)” on 11/04/2016 and 12/04/2016 under JES funds.
  • Computer and Internet facilities.
  • Dr. Thimmegowda, VC, Bangalore university.
  • Dr.K.J. Rao IISC, Bangalore. on 3/9/2012 &10/9/2015
  • Dr.K.L. Sabastian, Chairman, IISC, Bangalore. On 28/2/2015
  • Prof.P. Balaram, Director, IISC, Bangalore. On 4/9/2012
  • Prof. B. A. Patil, Director, IISC, Bangalore. On 30/12/2015
  • Seminar on “Greenhouse effect and Global warming” on 2/2/2012
  • Workshop on  “Frontiers of Science”  3/9/2012 & 4/9/2012
  • Seminar on “Nano devices” In celebration of National science day 28/2/2015
  • seminar on “International year of light”  on 30/12/2015

The following teaching methods are adopted by the faculty apart from normal lecture method

  • Assignments
  • Power Point presentation
  • Class seminars.
  •  Question and answers
  • Class Quiz
  • Lab demo
  • Question paper discussion
  • Unit test
  •  Science Exhibition
  •  Group discussion
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