• Spandana, women’s wing of our college had its inception on 25th April 2009, it includes teaching and non teaching faculties of UG and students with a strength of nearly 250.
  • We have got a very great support and response from our management, JES and principal.
  • The motto of this wing is to instill confidence with co-operation and co-ordination.
  • The vision is to strengthen the potentials of women and are enabled to suit the modern world with healthy practices.


  • Sunil, the founder of a NGO, BHARAVASE presented the social activities conducted by his NGO who is alumina of VDC. He is into the activities of teaching the poor and slum community students and provides the financial support to these kinds of people like people of K.R Market. He is also into the activities of cleaning and maintaining old monuments and historical places and highlighting the same to Archeological department.
  • Dr. Kavita Jain a Cancer surgeon of Rangadore Memorial Hospital, Shankarapuram, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru gave a presentation on The Breast Cancer Awareness Program. In a detailed presentation she explained anatomical parts of the breast and how it is important for women quoting the examples of Hollywood and Bollywood actresses such as ManishaKoirala, AnjelinaJoulie etc. 200 Girls witnessed and participated in the programme.
  • Ms. Ankita Sukhwal, Executive CSR has been a part of Unicharm India for almost 5 years where she is handling the program implementation on menstrual health and management.
  • As a core team member of the CSR team her role involves training , development, managing relationship with internal and external stakeholders and responsible for implementing CSR strategy of the group pan-India. She holds an experience of conducting more than 500 community training with adolescent girls and women on menstrual health and management.
  • Ms. Ankita held a very interactive session sharing a lot of information through a power point presentation. She told about the different stages of adolescence such as Early Adolescence- 10 to 13 years in which physical changes take place, Middle Adolescence- 14 to 16 years in which emotional changes occur and lastly Late Adolescence – 17 to 19 years in which there is a transition of an adolescent into an adult.
  • Under the CSR activity in association with the Canara Bank a Flower Art Training was held for 35 girl students of Vivekananda Degree College in the college premises.
  • The Guest of Honour Smt. Chitra Ravishankar, AGM, Circle Office, Canara Bank, Bangalore  emphasized on Women Empowerment and stated that they are conducting many others trainings which are helping women to be financially independent. And how the Flower Art can also be a medium of income.
  • Mr. Yasin trained the girls in a very practical manner for two days from 11 am to 4 pm, bridal jewellery making, decorating rings, earrings, hair, many gorgeous hairstyles and many others with natural flowers like rose, jasmine, dried leaves etc. The students were benefitted a lot by this programme and also gained a lot of skills related to flower art.
  • As women empowerment has gained prominence a soft toy making training program was held at the Vivekananda Degree college campus from 14th to 16th February 2022 from 11 am to 4 pm.              
  • The Chief Guest of Honour Sri. Sivaraman, Divisional Manager, Canara Bank, Bangalore in his speech highlighted different types skill development programs for women which were held under the Canara Bank like Clerical exam training, mobile damage repair, beautician and tailoring courses, toy making etc.
  • Smt. Amitava Sahoo, Dy. General Manager, Canara Bank, Bangalore had graduated as an engineer and later joined Canara Bank. 
  • The celebration of Women’s day was held on 23rd March 2022 at Vivekananda Degree college.
  • The main event of the program was carried out by the speech by the honorable chief guest Mrs. Geeta Ramanujan, Founder and Academic director GR institution former principle National college, Award winning play writer, a public speaker, promoter of spiritual awareness, freelance journalist in English and Kannada.
  • The lunch was served to all the people gathered by JES. This event was conducted for the JES women staff of all branch with the city campus, PU, Management. Pharma, B.ed, Primary, Degree and High school.
  • “There is no depth to education without art”
  • This year our women’s wing Spandana has come up with some interesting events for the students which has had a great start on 23rd Sept 2020.
  • The first event organised by this wing was a talk on Art and its benefits. This was carried out of by one of the experienced classical dancer Vidushi Soumya.
  • The chief guest for the session was Mr. Thomas John Rose, founder and trainee, Wise Force Mission. 
  • The speaker Mr. Thomas John Rose addressed 300 girl students of B.Sc, B.Com and BA courses of VDC. He inspired and highlighted issues related to be a girl child, either it is related to education, marriage as well as profession.
  • Smt. B.H. Pankaja highlighted the traditional household practices which have scientific temper to strengthen the women physically and mentally. We all women should give respect to our culture and tradition and become achievers.
  • On 10thOctober 2019, a two hours workshop was organised on the topic time management and goal setting by PMCC Dr. Nageraja Rao, Founder CEO, XL leadership Academy, Peenya, Bangalore.
  • He has addressed 100 girl students of B.Com 1st, 2nd year of three sections. He has highlighted the importance of time especially to the students on how to complete the assigned tasks in time and complete the major things well within stipulated time.
  • How effectively utilise the time instead on wasting the same on social media and mobile.
  • A talk on Entrepreneurship development programme was organised on 27th Feb 2020, Thursday at at Vivekananda Degree College campus. The programme was inaugurated by Shri. R.R.Singh, Director General, National Academy of RUDSETI, Bangalore with a beautifulspeech.
  • He has highlighted about the Rudseti programmes which mainly motivates, trains to assist the rural girls to take up self employment ventures as an alternative career. With a motivated story of two pencils one being brand new and other one sharpened pencil relating to Rudseti and Canara bank.
  • The new pencil undergoes stress when sharpened and then starts writing without hindrance. If at all any mistakes happens during writing the eraser in the form of RUDSETI will help in clearing the hindrance, hence a talent requires a helping hand and the role is played by RUDSETI here.
  • Welcome speech was done by Prof. Chaya. The felicitation was done to the women achievers. Smt. Amritivarshni Umesh, Ved Vidyan, Vakarna specialised subjects and a motivational speaker. Smt. Pratibha Nagwar a foreign returned Engineer now transformed into former. Smt. Pratima Rao served as a chemistry Lecturer for 37 years, in education department which includes 9 years in VDC. Kumari Tarekeshwari, B.Com final year NCC cadet selected from Karnataka and Goa battalion to take part in Republic day programme in New Delhi. 2020.
  • The speaker Smt. Amritvarshni differentiated about Human beings and Animal by means of explaining the capacity to think and analyse the things. As a human being one will analyse and think before doing any activity and analysing on Why, How and when like it may be taking food, work, etc. She has explained the importance of Cotton clothes which are suitable for all climatic conditions and a need to cover the body of Human being, Instead of that we are following the fashionable clothes which are harming our health and indirectly effecting Economy of the country.
  • The Chief Guest, Smt. Saphala Nagarathna, who is a HIV positive patient narrated her own life story which motivates many people to live happily without being scared and also inspired the youth to stay away from the causes of HIV.
  • She described her life story and made students realised that HIV is curable and they are certain precautions to be taken against it.
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