The quality policy of the college is in line with quality assurance provided by the Bangalore University and the Department of Collegiate Education in Karnataka. UGC and AICTE guidelines are also taken care while making quality policy of the institution. The Local Inquiry Committee of the Bangalore University after several inspections of various facilities and procedures in the college has sanctioned permanent affiliation to the college.

The college has set-up Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as per the requirement of UGC and NAAC. IQAC is trying its best for the advancement in the field of teaching and learning. IQACis encouraging the departments and the faculty to undertake research worksand organize seminars / workshops, etc. IQAC in fact is the mouthpiece of faculty and the students in the matters concerning quality specially teaching, learning and infrastructure. IQAC in consultation with the faculty draw the academic calendar so also calendar of events for extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

IQAC believes in participative management. This initiative of the IQAC has given platform to the students and faculty members to contributeto the process of improvement of quality. Feedbacks from the stakeholders are discussed in the IQAC meetings to find solutions. Matters pertaining to infrastructure requirements are also discussed in the IQAC meetings and necessary recommendations are made to the college management for its consideration.

Academic Calendars

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