Assistant Professor





Date of Joining



Vivekananda Degree College, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

Area of Research

Marketing & HR(Human Resource)

Work Experience

15 Years

Additional Responsibilities

Training & Placement Officer (w.e.f: 2015) & Member of various committees (IQAC & Sports committees).

Research Publications

International Conference :

  • GST & Issues of Taxation on petroleum Products” ISSN No: 2393-9796 with impact factor 3.220 Indo Global Journal of commerce and economics.  
  • ‘Innovation Management in the knowledge – driven economy’ on 31.3.16     “A Study on Role played by the women entrepreneurs in Indian economic” ISBN No: 978-93-5258-833-6.
  • ‘Emerging strategies to sustain global competition’ on 31.03.15. “A study on CRM at big bazaar, Bangalore” ISBN No: 978-163102664-5.
  • ‘Strategies for Sustainable global economy’ on 09.03.15. “A study on the Indian bullion market & its effect on the Indian economic growth”.             ISBN No: 978-93-5212-226-4
  • ‘Achieving sustainable global economy’ on 07.03.14. “A study on present Scenario on portfolio management”. ISBN No: 978-93-5156314-3.

National Conference :

  • ‘Sustainability – key to business, environmental, linguistic, scientific & technological fields’ on 15.10.15. “GST: It’s Impact on Indian Economy”. ISBN No: 978-81-929698-1-7.
  •  On 15.10.14 “Modern trends, corporate governance & development strategies in Indian Business”.  ISBN No: 978-81-929698-0-0
  • On 15.10.14 “A study on the role of entrepreneurs towards the growth of Indian economy”. ISBN No: 978-81-929698-0-0

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Seminar | Conference - Paper Presentations

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Membership of Professional Bodies

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