Department of Physics


PHYSICSPhysics department has established in the year 1982 with an U G Course – B. Sc. (PCM, PME & PMCs). There are four faculty members in the physics department. It consists of two laboratories with dark room, staff room and store room. It has Computer and Internet facilities for staff & students. Every year, nearly 6 to 8 students are joining M.Sc. in Physics at various Universities on merit basis.

Vision and Mission

Education for all and Quality education at affordable cost.

Courses/ Programs offered

U G Course: B.Sc. (PCM, PME, & PMCs).


To motivate B.Sc. students towards higher education and research.

HOD Profile

Prof .Y.C.Gangadharaiah. Dept of PhysicsName: Y. C. Gangadharaih
Qualification: M.Sc. in Physics.   Pursuing Ph.D.
Experience:  33 years
BOE member and Question Paper Setter
Attended National level workshops and seminars.



  • Two Laboratories along with equipments and full fledge dark room.
  • Computers and Internet facilities.


Physics department has conducted following  programs under the banner of science and research forum from 2010-2016.

  • Seminar on “Greenhouse effect and global warming on 21/12/2012 for the staff and students under JES funds.
  • Two days workshop on “Frontiers of science” on 03/09/2012 and 04/09/2012 for the faculty and students of different colleges, Bangalore university under JES and Indian Academies of Science.
  • Seminar on Nano devices in celebration of national science day on 28/02/2015 under JES funds.
  • Seminar on International year of light on 30/12/2015 for faculty and students under JES funds.
  • Workshop on “B.Sc. syllabus- revision (CBCS)” on 11/04/2016 and 12/04/2016 under JES funds.
  • Computer and Internet facilities.

Eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors to the department:

  • Dr. Thimmegowda, VC, Bangalore university.
  • Dr.K.J. Rao IISC, Bangalore. on 3/9/2012 &10/9/2015
  • Dr.K.L. Sabastian, Chairman, IISC, Bangalore. On 28/2/2015
  • Prof.P. Balaram, Director, IISC, Bangalore. On 4/9/2012
  • Prof. B. A. Patil, Director, IISC, Bangalore. On 30/12/2015

Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) with external experts.

  • Seminar on “Greenhouse effect and Global warming” on 2/2/2012
  • Workshop on  “Frontiers of Science”  3/9/2012 & 4/9/2012
  • Seminar on “Nano devices” In celebration of National science day 28/2/2015
  • seminar on “International year of light”  on 30/12/2015

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

The following teaching methods are adopted by the faculty apart from normal lecture method

  • Assignments
  • Power Point presentation
  • Class seminars.
  •  Question and answers
  • Class Quiz
  • Lab demo
  • Question paper discussion
  • Unit test
  •  Science Exhibition
  •  Group discussion


Dr.Chikkahanumantharayappa., M.Sc., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor

M : 9740979328
E :

Prof. Nagaraju. K.S, M.Sc.,
Associate Professor
M : +91 9342530138

E : 

Dr.Vasu, M.Sc., M.Phil.Ph.D
Associate Professor
M : +91 9901079879
E :

(Deputed to GFGC, Kengeri, Bengaluru). 

Faculty Profile

Name Qualification Designation Specialization Total Year of Experience Remarks
Prof.Y.C.Gangadharaiah M.Sc., HOD of Physics Electronics 33 Pursuing Ph.D. and yet to be submit thesis shortly
Dr.Chikkahanumantharayappa M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor Spectroscopy 32 Guiding for 5 Ph.D. students
Prof.K.S.Nagaraju M.Sc., LLB, Dip in NSS Associate Professor Spectroscopy 30 Pursuing Ph.D. and yet to be submit thesis shortly
Dr.Vasu M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor Solid state physics 30 Guiding for one Ph.D. student
Prof.Chandini C.S M.Sc., B.Ed., Asst. Professor Nuclear physics 2